Frankfurt-Hahn Airport Informational Guide to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN) - Non Official

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport Taxi

From Frankfurt-Hahn Airport passengers can take a taxi to any destination.

Due to its location, taxi rides are normally quite expensive so we recommend other ways of transportation. 

CoMPANIES +49 (0) 65 43 / 35 14 
Airporttaxi-93: +49 (0) 15 1 / 57 11 65 76 
Taxi Bucke GmbH: +49 (0) 65 43 / 81 85 18 


Fares from the Airport to Frankfurt are around 175€ and can take around 1 hour. 


Uber does work in the airport facilities. Passengers that want to use it need to download the application to their smartphone and ask for a car. 


If you want private transportation from Frankfurt Hahn Airport, you can book a private transfer to any destination. 

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